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Melton Tennis

Junior Competition

Melton District Tennis Association runs a junior competition on Saturday mornings. The competition is run all year round and consists of two seasons:

  • Summer Season:    October to March and
  • Winter Season:       April to September

The competition has two formats:

  • Section 1 & 2 - Presidents League Format
    • 2 players per team
    • 2 Singles Rubber (Best of 3 Sets)
    • 1 Doubles Rubber
  • Section 3 - 7
  • 3 players per team
  • 3 Singles Sets
  • 3 Doubles Sets

The MDTA Saturday Morning competition is an ability based competition


 For live results and weekly ladders click on the links below:

Section One


Section Two


Section Three


Section Four








Section Five


Section Six


Section Seven


Section Eight