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Melton Tennis

Night Tennis Competition

Melton District Tennis Association (MDTA) Night Tennis competition accomodates the ever expanding demand for Night Tennis is the north western suburbs of Melbourne. The MDTA requires all players to become members of their respective clubs (as per Tennis Victoria, competitions guidlines).


Night tennis provides an ideal setting for new club members to be introduced into competition matchplay. But also night tennis enhances the social atmosphere and interaction between club members and players from other clubs.


If you or your club are interested in knowing more, please read on and click to competition links below:


Competition Features

MDTA Night Tennis currently offers:-

•  Home and Away Competition•  2 Courts per team/match
•  Ladders etc on website•  Online scoring system
•  Early finishes•  Choice of nights and formats
•  More flexibility for players•  Multiple seasons per calendar year
•  Competition can run alongside club play•  Competitive with other Night Tennis  Associations
•  High Visibility of the competition


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Ladies Night Tennis:

Monday Evenings starting 6:30pm

FORMAT: Ladies Doubles •  4 ladies per team •  4 doubles sets, change partners each set •  Sets are 6 games




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Men's Night Tennis:

Tuesday Evenings starting 6:30pm

FORMAT: Men's Singles/Doubles •  2-4 Men per team •  1 Singles set and 1 doubles sets (best of 3 sets)

•  Sets are 6 games



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Mixed Night Tennis:

Wednesday Evenings starting 6:30pm

FORMAT: Men's, Ladies and Mixed Doubles •  2 players per team •  4 doubles sets, change partners each set •  Sets are 6 games








MidWeek Ladies Competition

This is the perfect competition for the women who wants to keep herself active, enjoys her tennis & likes the social activity amongst similar minded ladies.


This competition is played on Wednesdays & Thursdays although you can choose to play on one or both days as you prefer. Play commences at 9:30am & finishes at approx 12:00pm with 3 sets of doubles played.


Junior Competition