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Melton Tennis

Junior Grand Finals Results 


Section 1

Melton South Volkl defeated Melton South Babolat: 5 points, 25 games to 2 points, 21 games


Section 2

Hillside defeated Melton South Silver: 7 points, 32 games to 1 point 16 games.


Section 3

Bacchus Marsh Blue defeated Melton South: 6 points, 31 games to 2 points, 22 games.


Section 4

Bacchus Marsh defeated Melton South: 7 points, 33 games to 1 point, 24 games.


Section 5

Kurunjang Park defeated Melton South: 8 points,36 games to 0 points, 11 games.


Section 6

West Melton defeated Kurunjang: 6 points, 27 games to 2 points, 20 games. 


Section 7

West Melton Brown defeated West Melton White: 6 points, 34 games to 2 points, 23 games.


Section 8

Kurunjang Orange defeated Kurunjang Navy: 6 points, 29 games to 2 points, 26 games.

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Summer Season Begins: 15th October, 2011. Contact your junior delegate for further information.


The Summer Season is usually held between October and March, with entries due by August.
The Winter Season is usually held between April and September, with entries due by February.
The competition has its team entries graded on player/team ability by the Junior Match Committee and is currently run on a Saturday mornings: 8.30am- approx 12pm (depending on court allocation).
All players must be under 18 years old. 


For any junior wanting to join the MDTA and Tennis Victoria Junior Development Squad please contact Trudy Miles for more information on 0418 307 806. Squad members have 2 hours of training per week and external competition opportunities, Regional Challenges, Tennis Australia Talent Identification etc. - PLACES ARE LIMITED

 PHONE NO       
 MDTA Junior Delegate
Trudy Miles    
0418 307 806
 Bacchus Marsh Tennis Club              
Michael Love
0432 307 261
 Hillside Tennis Club
Neil Tierney 
0417 114 464
 Kurunjang Park Tennis Club
Melissa Nielsen        
0400 083 786
 Melton South Tennis Club
Danielle Borle 
0429 887 753 
 West Melton Tennis Club 
Narelle Carter
0409 575 912